Here are the staff that work in our team:

Miss Pabla

Chipmunk Class Teacher
Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, SLT, Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Miss Taylor

Squirrel Class Teacher
Art & DT Lead

Miss Greatorex

Toucan Class Teacher
French & music lead

Mrs Martin

Squirrel Class Teacher
History Lead

Mrs McDonald​​

Toucan Class Teacher
SLT, RE & Writing Lead

Welcome to the Blue Learning Team home page.

Week commencing: 20th November 2017

Our topic this term is:

‘Could we live in a house made of sweets?'



Click HERE for the Year 1 termly Homework Map

Click HERE for the Year 2 termly Homework Map


Phonics: Toucans / Squirrels Year 1:

  • We will be working on recapping the sounds children have learnt in phase 5 - e.g. (i-e, o-e, u-e)

Phonics: Toucans and Squirrels Year 2

  • We will be working on the spellings to / two / too and understanding the difference between them. We will be learning how to use them in sentences correctly.
  • We will be working on the (c) as an (s) sound e.g. ice, price, dice, pace
  • Homophones (here, hear, one, won, sun and son)

Phonics / Spellings: Chipmunks

  • We will be working on the (y) ending after dropping the (e) in words like: bony, stony, shady, scary, juicy, spicy, icy.
  • We will also be working on common exception words like: every, everybody, beautiful, because, whole and who


**Please ensure that your child's costume is labelled and brought into school by Friday 24th November. **


Thank you for your support from the Blue Learning Team.

Please see below for our start of year presentation.