Shine brightly together and reach for the stars.

Please watch a short video of our stakeholders sharing our Vision and Values - 


Our Vision

To inspire, motivate and engage all children to become life-long learners, who reach for the stars.


Our Values

Our school values are reflected through our STAR Standards:


We aim to achieve our vision by working together as a team – staff, parents, governors and local community – to enable our school to SHINE.


offer a Supportive, fun and caring atmosphere, where children access an ambitious, globally diverse, purposeful and creative curriculum where achievement in all areas is celebrated

create a Happy, safe and stimulating environment where all individuals are valued, diversity is embraced, and STAR potential realised

foster self-belief and a positive self-image, which encourage Individual talents to shine, and children engage collaboratively with our school community

provide opportunities to Nurture curiosity and exploration so that children develop emotional literacy and a lifelong love of learning

respect ourselves and each other, Enabling us to be active participants in the world around us.


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