At Melbourne Infant School we all work together to create a happy, safe and stimulating environment where all individuals are valued, diversity is embraced and potential realised.


We believe that all children perform their best when they are encouraged and rewarded, where parents and carers are actively involved in their child’s learning and in the school community.


Our aim is to meet the needs of the whole child within a supportive, open and caring atmosphere, offering access to a rich, globally diverse, purposeful and creative curriculum where achievement in all areas is celebrated.


These are the qualities of a Melbourne Infant School child!

Ours Aims and Objectives


Our Aims are to…


  • Provide the highest quality education in all aspects, so that all of our children have every opportunity to fulfil their potential, by achieving the highest standards possible and making continuous progress.
  • Recognise the importance of breadth, balance, relevance, equal access and entitlement as the basis of our curriculum planning and delivery.
  • Ensure that the school has relevant policies which are regularly reviewed, known and adhered to by all concerned.
  • Ensure that there is equal opportunity for all.
  • Provide the highest quality of resources possible, including human resources.
  • Develop and maintain strong links with the wider community.
  • Provide a well maintained and safe environment.
  • Enable all staff and Governors to develop their skills and expertise and knowledge.
  • Manage the school efficiently and effectively in relation to all material, human and financial resources.


We offer…

  • Well qualified, committed and caring staff.
  • A stimulating environment which will nurture, develop knowledge, self confidence, positive thinking and independence of thought, participation, consideration and respect for self and others whilst creating a sense of belonging and responsibility.
  • An exciting, creative and flexible programme of learning which meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and of the National Curriculum.
  • A comprehensive programme of Physical Education
  • Stimulating, well equipped classrooms
  • Pre- school visits, advice and good transition procedures
  • Regular informal and formal meetings for all parents/ carers with staff
  • A varied programme of extra-curricular activities