At Melbourne Infant School we plan lessons based on National Curriculum objectives with the aim of achieving maths mastery. We use the White Rose Mastery Frameworks to plan from, using a ‘blocking’ approach where children are moved on only once they have mastered that block of learning.

We make sure Maths is taught in a fun, creative, and engaging way to promote the love of maths and create children who see maths all around them. Typical lessons will involve the use of different manipulatives as we follow the ‘concrete, abstract, pictorial’ method to ensure children have a good understanding of mathematical processes, skills and concepts. We focus on providing learning opportunities that, through problem solving, make maths relatable to the real world. We also make sure children have the opportunity to, and develop their skills to reason their understanding.

If  you have any questions or want anymore information on how to help your child at home, please speak to your child's class teacher or our Maths lead, Mr Simpson who would be more than happy to advise you further. 


Take a look at the following documents, which show the resources we use at school:

Calculations Policies

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Parent Guides 

White Rose have produced extremely helpful parent guides on how different aspects of maths mastery works.


Year 2 - Maths Operations (April 2024)

Collins Adapt User Guide (Year 2 children: April 2024)