The planned admissions level for our Reception classes is 70. We admit children into school in September which is in line with Derbyshire County Council Admissions procedure.

The children have a one week phased start in September, this enables the children and staff to make positive relationships and for children to be introduced gently to daily routines.

There is a co-ordinated scheme for admission to Primary Schools in Derbyshire which is run by the Derbyshire County Council. It is a requirement that parents/carers apply directly to their Local Authority for a place.

The admission window is open between November and January for you to apply to the Local Authority; prior to the academic year in which your child is due to start school.

After the closing date, all applications are then considered and every attempt is made to allocate parents their first choice where possible. Parents are then informed in April as to which school their child has been allocated a place.

If you are undecided about your choice of school, try to visit us with your child. This is always the best way to make the right choice for such an important decision in your child’s life.

Melbourne Infant School operates an open door policy for parents and this means that all parents are welcomed into school to play an active part in school life. If you are considering our school for your child, please telephone to arrange a visit and we will be happy to show you around!

Apply for a Place

Ready for School Leaflet

Mid-Year Admissions

Should your child already be in full time education and you are looking to move him/ her to Melbourne Infant School, it is a requirement that parents/carers apply directly to the Local Authority where you live. The school’s Local Authority will then be contacted and your application will be considered as an in-year application.

Transfer to Junior School

The children in Year 2 leave our school in July each year ready to transfer to a Junior School in September. This is usually Melbourne Junior School. The same admission arrangements apply. We will provide all parents of children in Year 2 with the relevant information at the necessary time.

Melbourne Infant School works closely with Melbourne Junior School to ensure the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 runs smoothly and that the children feel safe and secure in their new school.

Please note that if your child is at Melbourne Infant School, this does not give an automatic right to a place at Melbourne Junior School. Parents must follow the procedure as outlined above.