Here are the staff that work in our team:

Miss Pabla

Chipmunk Class Teacher
Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, SLT, Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Miss Taylor

Squirrel Class Teacher
Art & DT Lead

Miss Greatorex

Toucan Class Teacher
French & music lead

Mrs Martin

Squirrel Class Teacher
History Lead

Mrs McDonald​​

Toucan Class Teacher
SLT, RE & Writing Lead

Welcome to the Blue Learning Team home page.

Week commencing: 25th September 2017.

Our topic this term is:

‘Could you make it into the deadly 60?'



Click HERE for the Year 1 termly Homework Map

Click HERE for the Year 2 termly Homework Map


Weekly Notices:

Wednesday 27th is International Fitness Day


Phonics / Spellings:

Toucans: We are working on initial consonant blends (sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tw). Please look and read words with these initial consonant blends in. Ninja words to learn are: have, like, some, come, was, you


Squirrels: We are working on vowel sounds (ew as in screw, and ou as in cloud) and recapping on what homophones are (same sound, different word)


Chipmunks: We are recapping on phase 5 sounds and looking at what homophones are. Common exception words we are looking at this week are: door, floor, poor, because, find, kind, mind, behind


Thank you for all your support with reading. The children have been reading at home and this is showing in their reading at school.

For those who missed the open afternoon, please click HERE for the presentation.


Thank you for your support from the Blue Learning Team.